Safe Visitation

Changes to Order 16 - Safe Visitation come into effect on May 10, 2021.

We are pleased that these changes allow our residents and their families, friends, loved ones, and support persons more visitation. We see these changes as investing in our residents by allowing for more opportunity to create caring communities through important connections.

Restrictions have been lessened in concert with vaccinations among residents and staff. We encourage all eligible staff, residents, visitors, and designated family/support persons to receive the vaccine as part of fostering safe and welcoming communities. While the vaccine offers another layer of protection, public health measures like personal protective equipment and physical distancing continue to be implemented and observed.

Please read our Safe Visitation Policy for more information. A package of information will be provided if and when you visit with further information.

CALA is committed to providing respectful, secured, and supportive work environments to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals. We do not tolerate nor condone any acts of abuse from visitors or clients directed toward any CALA employee or representative.

All designated family/support persons and visitors shall be instructed to:

  • Undergo a Health Assessment Screening at entry to the site and self-check for symptoms throughout and following the visit.
  • Coordinate all visitors with the site Manager or designate.
  • Adhere to Safe Visiting Practices and any related site policies.
  • Only visit the client they are supporting.
  • Wear a mask continuously indoors (and outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained).
  • Notify the site Manager/designate of any symptoms that arise within 14 days of visiting with a client.

 *Entry may be refused if there is reason to believe an individual is not abiding by these responsibilities.

Safe Visiting Practices:

All individuals visiting the site must still undergo the Health Screening Process and review the Risk of Unknown Exposure sheet before visiting. Visitors must wear a mask while inside the building, even when in the resident’s room.

In the case where physical touching (e.g., hand holding, hugging) is desired:

  • Please discuss with the Manager or Access Liaison regarding the risks.
  • If anyone shows symptoms during the visit, stop close contact and inform staff immediately.

Designated Family/Support Persons:

  • Residents can now name up to four (4) people as their designated family members/support persons.
  • These four (4) individuals do not need to be from the same household.
  • Up to four (4) visitors are allowed at one time, space permitting for physical distancing if not from the same household.
  • All visits to the site must be coordinated through the Manager or Access Liaison.
  • As a preferred method of scheduling visits, Designated family/support persons will be approached by the Manager or Access Liaison to create a standing visiting schedule that is consistent week after week to avoid repetitive booking processes.
  • Individuals may be minors. Children under 14 must be accompanied however.

Indoor Visits:

Residents will be surveyed about allowing indoor social visits (this is separate from visits from Designated Family/Support Persons). If the majority (over 51%) of residents would like visitors allowed inside, the site will create a plan to accommodate these visits.

If indoor social visits are agreed upon by the majority of the residents:

  • Four (4) visitors from the same household are allowed at the same time in the resident’s room.

All visitors are allowed to visit residents inside under the following circumstances:

  • End of life visits – consideration given to providing quality end of life for the resident and their visitors.
  • Significant changes in health status – any instances of a sudden change in mental/physical/cognitive/spiritual health status, extreme loneliness or depression, or other situations where the resident’s health has been suddenly compromised.
  • Pressing circumstances – any life event where on-site access to someone other than the designated family/support persons might be necessary (e.g., financial or legal matters, family crisis).

Outdoor Social Visits:

With the warmer weather approaching, spaces outside will be set up to accommodate visits.

  • Outdoor social visits must be booked through the Access Liaison. This is to accommodate all residents and visitors and ensure screening processes and space allows for the visit.
  • Up to 10 persons (including the resident), space permitting, can visit outside.
  • If physical distancing within a group is not possible, then masks should be worn while visiting.
  • There are no current limitations on a resident’s ability to visit beyond the property. If a resident requires staff assistance to prepare or be transported for the visit, then the site should be informed.