A Path Forward - Step 1

While some restrictions are lessened at some sites, we also are preparing for the return of a few services and activities that were deferred during the pandemic stage.

It is important to note that any proposed reintroduction of activities may be put on hold if the climate changes or we are given new orders from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

Below are examples of activities and actions that may take place at this stage of the relaunch. They are not limited to the listed activities and will be updated as more information is given.


Meeting CMOH Orders & AHS Protocols

  • Maintain cleaning procedure and protocols
  • Screening procedures remain in place
  • Practice Risk-Based Approach to resident activities and new resident move-ins
  • Isolation protocols in place as per CMOH Orders
  • Encourage diligence amongst residents, staff, and families

Resident Life & Wellbeing

  • Support residents in coffee dates and small group gatherings
  • Increase group activities within the recommended limitations
  • Encourage residents to socialize outside
  • Support residents in self-assessing and screening
  • Support reintroduction of hairdressing and other personal services within the site while ensuring the safety of residents
  • Sit down dining for meal service in lodges under the restrictions and limitations where available
  • New residents are no longer required to quarantine for 14 days as a blanket approach (Review the incoming resident's Risk of Unknown Exposure and determine the most appropriate safety precaution)

Visitation & Family Expectations

  • Outdoor visits with limitations and distancing
  • Two Designated Family/Support Persons as identified by the resident or alternate decision maker as essential to maintaining the resident's mental and physical health are allowed inside in resident room
  • Doors continue to be locked
  • Screening of all staff and designated essential visitors before entering facility continues

Staff Support

  • Promotion of mental health supports
  • Emails and updates shared regularly and when needed
  • Exploring ways to show appreciation to staff
  • Encourage staff meetings to be held in person while following CMOH protocols
  • Holidays and vacations approved as per operational needs and accounting for provincial and federal travel & isolation guidelines