Second Wave

From the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, CALA and The Bethany Group have sought to protect residents and staff from any potential exposure and outbreak.

Any orders received from the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) have been implemented not just in the sites under the order but applied in other areas as a best practice. These measures, while often restrictive, were implemented for the health and safety of our most vulnerable population under these circumstances. We have always strived to work with our residents, their families, and staff members to create as healthy and safe environments as possible.


Meeting CMOH Orders & AHS Protocols

  • Doors continue to be locked and designated essential visitors only at lodges and continuing care sites
  • Supporting residents and families in outdoor visits
  • Seniors strongly encouraged to restrict visitors and outings at independent living sites
  • Ongoing programming and exploring new opportunities to support residents living in isolation

Resident Life & Wellbeing

  • Ongoing communication and education with residents and their families
  • Limited group activities where possible
  • Creative approaches to providing programming for residents
  • Supporting residents in connecting with families through virtual means
  • Providing spiritual support where possible
  • Common areas restricted to residents (no visitors) and with limited seating for physical distancing

Staff Support

  • Promotion of mental health supports
  • Emails and updates shared regularly and when needed
  • Regular communication with Managers
  • Exploring ways to show appreciation to staff
  • Two-way communication and feedback encouraged and shared

Single-site worker implemented

  • Support and adjustments related to needs/concerns
  • Defining essential workers (maintenance, chaplains, IT, pharmacy, HR) and processes/protocols