The Camrose and Area Lodge Authority (CALA) was formed in 1995 under Ministerial Order as a Management Body. At the same time, The Bethany Group was granted Management body status.

The intent of the orders was for CALA to be responsible for two lodges and to have requisitioning authority for any deficits to operations, while The Bethany Group would manage the lodges and be responsible and accountable to CALA for the operations.

Supportive Living Lodges – 138 spaces

  • Bashaw Meadows - 33 spaces
  • Rosealta Lodge - 105 spaces


Board of Directors

The Board of Camrose & Area Lodge Authority is responsible for three lodges managed by The Bethany Group.

  • Max Lindstrand, Board Chair (City of Camrose)
  • Doug Lyseng, Vice Chair (County of Camrose)
  • Don Gregorwich (County of Camrose)
  • Agnes Hoveland (City of Camrose)
  • Cathie Johnson (City of Camrose)
  • Penny Shantz (Town of Bashaw)

Business Plan, Financial Statements & Annual Reports

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date Type Agenda Approved Minutes
April 3, 2020 Cancelled (COVID-19)    
April 7, 2020 Board Meeting (Teleconference) April Agenda April Minutes
May 15, 2020 Board Meeting (Teleconference) May Agenda May Minutes
June 26, 2020 Board Meeting June Agenda  
September 11, 2020 Board Meeting     
December 4, 2020 Board Meeting    


Date Type Agenda Approved Minutes
March 15, 2019 Board Meeting & Audit March Agenda March Minutes
May 9, 2019 Board Meeting & Business Planning May Agenda  May Minutes
June 28, 2019 Board Meeting June Agenda June Minutes
October 11, 2019 Board Meeting October Agenda  October Minutes 
November 25, 2019 Board Meeting & Budget November Agenda November Minutes